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Article on Seasteading in SF Chronicle

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    Patri Friedman makes waves with ‘seasteading’ plan

    Lots of misinformed incredulous comments on the article… would help to point them to the FAQ.

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    This was an unfortunate article. It was very much cast in an unfriendly light, though it tried to come across as neutral. You can tell by the way they quote him and the sort of jerky nature they give to his narrative that they inteded it to be seen as cooky rather than the insight of a rational visionary.

    This is the sort of perception bias we desperately need to overcome. It will happen in time, as the economic and political incentives will eventually become so great that people will be, in a manner of speaking, forced to live at sea in an ever expanding manner, but allowing this to be the view of seasteading will definitely delay its widespread acceptance.

    This article makes me think of how people looked at trains when the horse-and-carriage was the primary method of transportation…

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    The great thing about seasteading is it doesn’t matter how many haters there are.

    In fact the more of them they are and the more entrenched their misguided notions of governance become, the better seasteading will work.

    Those comments are proof of how much we need seasteading.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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