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Any aussies or kiwis wanting to volunteer?

Home Forums Community Active Seasteading Projects Any aussies or kiwis wanting to volunteer?

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    I’ve started an experimental seastead project:

    It’s only in very early days but it’s low tech, low cost, and anyone without any real skills or training can do what I’m doing.

    Are there any aussies or kiwis, or anyone in this area, interested in working together to ultimately set up an outpost just outside aussie territorial waters?

    Some of the things people can do to help:
    – collect glass/plastic bottles
    – build blocks out of bottles and cable ties
    – lend time as a diver
    – lend time as a boat driver (you don’t need to donate the boat, just some time)

    I’m thinking the stead should issue shares to anyone who donates anything, such as time, materials, etc.
    So you can start out as a volunteer, then eventually hopefully use your shares to “buy” a section on the stead.

    I’m a programmer and I’ve built a prototype of a share trading system, but now I’m overhauling it so it’s able to scale up and handle higher loads, more data, etc.
    So this could allow people to be given shares and then trade them, sell them, etc.

    I’m thinking that long before it’s possible to live on the seastead it should be possible to grow mangroves and other construction materials, farm fish, and do various other things to earn some money, and then be able to use that money to buy more materials to expand the stead.

    It should be possible to open farm fish (ie. not inside a net, but rather just provide a habitat for them to breed openly) then catch them and sell them, or trade them to fishermen for their time, or for materials they ship to the stead.

    It should be possibly to get divers onside to help anchor and maintain the stead in return for a nice place to dive, around an artificial reef.

    A lot of this is just ideas so far, but I think there’s potential.

    By turning it into a bit of a business, which can earn money, it can grow exponentially (ie. the more it grows, the more it earns, and so the more it grows, and so on).
    It also means people could earn a living by working on the seastead instead of having to work somewhere else.

    Even before the stead is capable of having people live on it, it should be possible not only to produce things of saleable or usable value, but also to start forming a floating harbor in international waters.
    Then people can bring their home steads inside the floating harbor for some protection.

    I could keep going on and on with my ideas but I’ll leave it there for now. Just want to know if there’s anyone nearby interested in working together.
    You can build your own seastead, and connect with the one I’m building, and always have the option of disconnecting and going somewhere else.
    So while we can work together it doesn’t mean we’re stuck together.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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