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Any actually currently happening yet?

Home Forums Community Active Seasteading Projects Any actually currently happening yet?

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    yes the need is drama. we have to dramatize the seasteading movement if we want to get any attention.

    Avatar of elspru

    In terms of “sibling rivalry” while Tupac and Biggy Smalls were popular,
    they both ended up dieing due to their constant feuding and threats made real.

    On the Contrary, we can co-operate with the Zeitgeist Movement.
    The Venus Project actually has several plans for seasteads.

    The Zeitgeist movement has lots of money, fame, presence and following.
    If we could collaborate with them, we can mutual benefit from sharing.

    Another thing is the Zeitgeist movement wants to make city-brains,
    which is something I’m on the road to programming,
    with the General Intelligence Operating System,

    It can also be used on seasteads for navigation and organization.
    One of the most interesting potential uses is translating whale and dolphin speech.

    BTW, Ken Sims, is there a way I could apply to be a Seasteading Ambassador?
    I already go around Toronto and have informed local Zeitgeisters and Occupiers about Seasteading.

    Avatar of elspru

    There are multiple ways of increasing “Drama”,
    for instance by making a play or narrative fiction,
    about Seasteading and it’s benefits,
    and then acting it out, and
    putting it on youtube.

    Avatar of Ken Sims
    Ken Sims
    elspru wrote:
    BTW, Ken Sims, is there a way I could apply to be a Seasteading Ambassador?

    On the Ambassadors page there is a list of questions, of which the last is “Where do I sign up?”. If you are running a newer browser, clicking on any of those questions should display the answer below the question. (If you are running an older browser, clicking on a question may not do anything.)

    Avatar of vincecate

    If anyone builds any models and tests them in waves I would like to recommend a convention of posting video to youtube with “seastead experiment” as part of the tittle. This is what I have done and if others do this then it will be easy to find the video.

    So a search like the one below will find what has really been built and tested in waves:

    Avatar of vincecate

    Also, if anyone wants to build a seastead model and sent it to me in Anguilla to test in real waves I would be happy to do so. I have nice clear warm water all year round. I have easy access to many different beaches and can always find one with the right size waves to test a model on. I have 4 boys who love to go to the beach. I have a camera that can do nice slow motion video. I can post the results on youtube. I like seastead models.

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)

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