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Antonio B

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    Greetings everyone.

    I have always enjoyed the sea and the freedom it meant. and the last year i have had a dream to live on the open seas. for me its the closest thing to living in space, only easier and more affordable. so i was sitting at home friday night surfing the web. reading about boats house boats etc. that lead me into some interesting reading about Sealand (a micronation)
    well i wanted to be a part of something similar so searching and reading about different projects i ended up here. so i decided to sign up and try to help out the project become a reality.
    also i am a big believer in Meritocracy and Darwinism.

    link about Meritocracy:

    About me:

    My name is Antonio i am 23 years old. i currently live in the city of Gothenburg / Sweden, i moved here in 1991 from Croatia because of the Balkan war.
    After i finished a Technical “gymnasium” (?highschool? 16-19years old) i moved to Gothenburg and worked for Volvo Cars for a few years. then i decided i wanted an education. i narrowed it down to 2 choices

    1. “sea engineer” (control and maintain the engine room of a ship and also other ship functions)
    2. “Auto/Mechanical Designer/Engineer” (learn how to build car and other parts in the computer, run simulations lead projects learn about different materials etc.)

    i got accepted into both schools but i chose number 2. i think it will be more stimulating to create new stuff then to maintain stuff someone else has already made. i also love engines and other mechanical stuff. people also say i am a problem solver. so i have finished my first year and have 2 more years to go.
    i will probably try to get work in Norway’s offshore industry after i complete my education.

    because i am a student i can not help the project out financially.
    but i have skills in theese areas so far:

    first i would say i am fluent in 3 languages.
    English, Swedish and Croatian
    so far i have also learned to use these programs:
    Mechanical Desktop
    and i have also learned to use 3D studio max.

    well hopefully you will learn more about me as you take time to know me.

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    Im also 23 years old, and also an engineer / student. Im working on some seastead concepts in solidworks right at this moment. Too bad it seems there are no image tags supported.

    Im also a ‘believer’ in darwinism, but that can be taken to mean a lot of things in contemporary english.

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    CAD skills and materials engineering are useful, as are engines and mechanical stuff. A job in Norway’s offshore industry sounds like great experience for seasteading!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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