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Altaeros blimp wind turbine

Home Forums Research Engineering Altaeros blimp wind turbine

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    Jeff Chan


    News article on blimp-based wind turbine. Could work well for ocean use.


    “Altaeros Energies is developing a breakthrough airborne wind turbine to produce abundant, low cost, renewable energy. Altaeros uses safe and reliable aerospace technology to lift wind turbines to operate at higher heights where winds are much stronger and more consistent than on the ground. Altaeros turbines are designed for easy mobility and rapid deployment at remote, military, and offshore sites.”

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    That is quite cool.

    The only problem is that it uses helium to stay up. Helium eventually escapes and needs to be re-filled. Helium is not an abundant element. The claim of this being “environmentally friendly” when it uses helium is a stretch.

    cool concept though

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    really ticks me off when they write about alternative energy designs but they dont say a word about wattage.

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    Very interesting! Thanks for posting Jeff.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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