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To all 794, I salute you!

Home Forums Community Introductions To all 794, I salute you!

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    Hi all.My name is Octavian(Tavi)Gheorghe and I am the last “addition”to Seastead.(as of Jan 31 ,09).I am really pleased to see the growing interest on the subject,…I am not new to this,I used to blog on Patri’s old site,years ago(maybe 2002-2003,…lost track) on the subject of seasteading.I have been working on something similar myself,…I called it “THE OCEANOPOLIS PROJECT”.Its is seasteading, of course,and my “work” involved designing the optimum floating self-propelled seagoing structure,as a “city @ sea”,sovereign and independent. I have also reaserch a lot on new technologies,maritime law,social-economical issues,etc,etc,regarding the subject. And to be honest w/you guys(and girls) I am really glad to see Patri pulling all this toghether,…because w/every ideea, every word, that we brainstorm here on this site we are every day closer to the goal of seasteading.Also, from my research I realized that, technologically we are now ready for seasteading.Just to mention a few,the RadMax Rotary engine (it runs on diesel, gas, hydrogen,alcohol) , the newly developed amorphous silicon thin photovoltaic film, or the new lithium-titanate batteries.Personally I think that @ this present time the question is no longer “how”, but rather”when” and “at what cost”.Best of my regards, Tavi.

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    I belong to a group of over 400 people who are very interested in seasteading. We lean libertarian and were hoping to have it a reality by 2020. Perhaps with you all pioneering the way it will be sooner.

    Very interested in the government and economic end of things. As a real estate broker I understand living space. My background is accounting and finance as well so enjoy the business plan, numbers end of things as well.

    Looking forward to learning lots here and thank you for your previous efforts. From the look of your bios you tend to be a group of “younguns” but what revolution wasn’t led by young testosterone males?Hoping to be a wise elder in the native american tradition.


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    Welcome Tavi!

    Welcome susy! Senior CoHousing is a hot topic these days, and the idea of seasteads as retirement communities has been tossed around a bit. I’m a big fan of diversity in social movements, although as you say, young males tend to lead the way :).

    If your group is geographically localized, perhaps you can have me come out and give a talk?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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