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Adopt a maritime engineer COME ON! its easy look!

Home Forums Archive TSI Engineering Adopt a maritime engineer COME ON! its easy look!

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    Get some brains on these forums, to help us all

    Go to the following link IF YOU CARE ABOUT ANY OF THIS & send an email with a link to to this forum asking them to please join our forums & give techinal advice & share their proffesonal Ideas.

    1. Pick a collage/Uni & send an email to them
    2. Then post on this thread which one you chose so we dont do it twice.


    IM going to email the IET.edu.ik in Sri-lanka 😀

    I hope this helps people with their own seastead concepts in a practical way.

    Even if we send 500 emails we only need 2 Maritime engineering students or Eingeers to set us on the strait & narrow path to reality.

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    This is an excellent idea.

    I know we have a lot of talent and some experence here already but more is better in this case and I for one am playing along.

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    Well i also emailed the CENEC marine collage.

    hope the admins dont mind..if they care??

    basicly said (im Jack a member for the Seasteading Institute forums, & we invite staff & students to participate in discussions regarding seasteading, yours kindly Jack.) & i gave a like to the fron page, that seems ok right?

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    I sent Emails to :

    Governmental – STATE California Maritime Academy and

    Governmental – STATE Texas Maritime Academy .

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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