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Adjustable supports

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    It could be possible to have the platform supported by adjustable “legs” almost like pneumatic pistons but so that when they reach the sea bed they can be locked. This would allow for less level terrain underwater and easier transport to the site. Also, in the future, if the worst comes to the worst and the sea level rises too dramatically, the legs could be extended, and if in some unforseeable event that causes the area to be unsuitable for the community to remain, it COULD be moved, albeit with a huge amount of effort and planning. If this is the case then the feet would have to be detachable from the bedrock, possibly held by a deployable drill-clamp system. If anybody has any information or knowledge on how this would work, I believe it could be beneficial to the institute.

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    There are no shallow spots outside the EEZ of established countries. Except for the ones that do exist, but those don’t count.

    Just ask Tonga/any defeatist.

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    But like Tusavision suggests, it only works in very shallow waters. Most of the world’s oceans are thousands of meters deep.

    So we need thethers (anchors) or propulsion to stay in place. My money is on propulsion.

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    How about seamounts? On one of the engineering blogs, I read that both the Josephine and Ampere seamounts (off the coast of Portugal) are both good locations, both outside EEZs, and Ampere is only 60m deep at the summit, Josephine about 150m and there are many more like them. I am not trying to say that this is the only way or anything, I know that there are plenty more solutions equally viable to this one, but I think that a seastead should be firm, that a floating city would be impractical and difficult to keep afloat. Also, A fixed seastead would have increased levels of comfort, as it would not rock in stormy weather.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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