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$10,000 Seastead

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    These notes are for my personal use only. There are several places where opportunities exist to die by following them exactly.


    5 gallon buckets full of sand

    Blue tarps from hardware store

    Spool of parachord.

    Plastic table.

    Scuba gear.

    Extra tanks.

    Trash Bags


    Aquarium/water heater tank.


    >10ft swimming pool

    >30ft ocean


    Mark location with landmark.

    Mark a ring 18ft in diameter using a 9ft lenth of parachord.

    Swim to location carrying two buckets.

    Place buckets on ring and add sand.

    Swim back to shore, get 2 more buckets.

    Repeat until out of buckets or air.

    Change tanks

    repeat until out of buckets.

    Finish filling buckets.

    Put table in the center of the ring.

    Put water heater next to table.

    use zip ties to secure bucket handles to tarp anchor rings.

    Get extra scuba tank.

    Inflate tarp until bubble approaches edges of tarp.

    Grab empty tank and return to surface for Surface Interval

    Finish surface interval.

    Change tanks.

    Return to underwater tent.

    Sit on table with dive buddy

    You breathe from bubble/Dive buddy breathes from regulator.

    Switch at 2000 psi.

    Return to surface at 1000 psi.

    Repeat this until your Co2 rich atmosphere has caused enough green algae to form.

    Wait several days.

    Test Co2 levels.

    If they are good, start leaving caged rodents behind.

    Concept proven.

    Begin engineering study for larger scale demonstration suitable for long term human habitation.

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    : – ) little over my head but it sounds like u got a plan. remember to add price of taking it 200 miles out, and than dragging it back in to test results.

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)

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