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junior was succinct but wrong. The UN was not and could never have been a ‘One World Government’ even if it had succeeded beyond its creators wildest dreams! Closed minded fear and paranoia not with standing, simple human greed would have prevented that. The UN was intended to preserve the Four Freedoms that so many had fought and died for hopefully short of another World War by providing a means to settle disputes between nations before they arrived at that point. Judged in that light the bumbling, stumbling wishful thinking nonsense of the UN is a glorious success!

As for winning over the hearts and minds of people, if we build it, they will come. If we don’t build it they will come and build it themselves. The massive seasteads we see pictured here? Probably not unless a macro nation state government is behind it! Ships and boats, a rag tag fugitive fleet fleeing the [enter name of tyranny here] yes. Junior’s ‘Rouge-Yachties’ will lead the way… You can’t ‘sell’ freedom and liberty to people who want to pick up a telephone, call 911 and sit there and wait for help to come. NO, people like that have, do and will sit there while their house burns down around them! What’s more, they resent anyone who would do different! The people who came and still come to the US, the wretched refuse of teaming foreign shores come here because here, still, yet, you can save yourself! Soon, that may not be the case…

As for getting recognition, as Doc put it ‘Why would…. recognition be at all desirable, or even necessary?’ If we just do it, keep our heads down and our mouths more or less shut, so long as we take nothing save ourselves out of ‘THEIR’ system, we would become a de facto reality!

< http://ocr.wikia.com/wiki/Oceanic_Citizens_Republic_Wiki>

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