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Ken Sims
Dervogel707 wrote:

My Ideas are listed bellow.


Must be 18-35 Years (This applies for applicants no enlisting for an officer postion)

Must take oath to die and fight for this country.

Must have 20-20 vision

Must complete 4 week training program.

As I said before all male citizens will be required to serve, females still have the option though. If the soildier in training is not worthy he or she will be sent home on not be given any tax break or benefits.

You say both that it is a requirement to have 20-20 vision and that it is a requirement for all male citizens to serve. So what happens to male citizens who don’t have 20-20 vision? Is their citizenship taken away?

Or do they just get treated as second-class “not worthy” citizens because they happen to have imperfect vision.

Yeah, I’d be real excited to be part of a seastead with those kinds of requirements.

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