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Reply To: Space

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Look for the space you need/want first… If it’s ONLY you and your stuff, then it’s one size. For each additional person, it grows incrementally larger. Storage is a ‘per person’ MINUS commons (Kitchen, bathroom and such). Look to Traditional Japanese architecture for space:storage ratios. Multi-function space was a very developed system, hundreds of years ago.

What do you need more space for…? If you plan to grow anything, there has to be addittional space for that…

Hull thickness is a function of durability. What does it have to do? If it’s going to submerge, it has to withstand the maximum that you AND nature will throw at it… A sub, at 20 meters, in 50 meter waves, has to withstand 70 meters of depth…

What power storage? Solar is great, but you need storage… Batteries take up space and displacement… Current normal storage for stand-alone solar, is something like 5 days TOTAL possible energy use, times 5… Batteries don’t like discharging below 80% capacity…

Given these cariables, what do you think you need? 1 person needs a month of supplies and time/space to provide the next. 2 people need more. A family gets complex fast (I am married and between us, we have 5 kids, all at home…).

Of note is that I say this, not to discourage you, but to help develope a proper plan and a space that can handle the load you will eventually demand of it. I do NOT say anything negative, I just say what I believe to be frugal. To quote something I learned long ago: “Proper planning prevents piss poor performance.”

Dude, much as it sounds like I rag on you, I just want you to think on what could happen to you and those with you, in the voyage into the great unknown. We may never meet in person, BUT, I hope we do and find we genuinely like each other.



Never be afraid to try something new…

Remember, amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic.

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