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was supposed to be an outpost, a lab where the seasteading ideas are tested and experimented.I liked the idea of buying one of the cayes there and set it up as an eco-resort and also as a small boatyard where we can build and experiment with different seasteads. Yes the price would be a bit higher since everything will be shipped there, but such is the nature of seasteading. I guess the whole idea was to “mimic” all the conditions of seasteading, like being in a remote location, having to deal with shipping everything there, etc and make it happen.

I like Wil idea of just floating concrete shells in a lagoon. I did remember thinking just the same if an island would have been bought,…One of my favorite properties there was Alligator Caye because it was cheap and located right on the reef, which is still for sale and the owner is willing to subdivide and sell portions of it, with the lagoon side having the highest elevation and the best business potential. My idea was to turn it into a camping snorkling-diving-fishing resort, and also set up shop there to build various small SFS. Upon completion this SFS would have been anchored in the lagoon and used for accomodations for our guests. In the long run, the profits from the business was supposed to finance future seasteading activities like the completion of a certain numbers of modular SFS that would have been rafted up to form a bigger seastead that we would eventually sail away one day.

But after all this time, I think that the main problem with Sobiz is not where and how, but the fact that it is abroad, and would involve relocation to a foreign country and dealing with their laws and permits. After all, if the main purpose of Sobiz is to build, test and go, then a similar concept can be done here in US, cheaper and easier.

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