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The captain nemo float out thread takes some basic knowledge about floating concrete shell structures as given. – So it is not dedicated to re-discuss the very basics – participants are supposed to be aware that we actally built, sailed and tested concrete submarine yachts during the last decades. (http://concretesubmarine.com) The thread is dedicted to discuss where we should go from there and how this is seasteading relevant…

For a quick catch up the suggested reading list:

Floating concrete structures basics: status of the engineering field overview 1914 – 2004

Floating concrete shell structures: key studies

Apply concrete shell structures in seasteading: thread
Submerged Bubble concept in seasteading : thread
Collection of key comments of ellmer about floating concrete concepts at seasteading.org – forums since 2009
Condensed seasteading relevant concepts surface floats and submerged concepts:

Wilfried Ellmer


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