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Ken Sims
admiral wrote:
to Ken, Is it possible to set up a new category for this project so we can have multiple threads grouped under it?

Okay, this time I think we are actually talking about a new forum.

To make a new open forum isn’t a big deal. (It’s closed forums that are a PITA for a number of reasons.)

I would need to get TSI approval of course, but then I can do all of the necessary setup.

It would need to be more general than just SOBIZ, but could be intended specifically for non-TSI actual seasteading projects.

Two questions:

1. How many people would this actually benefit? Those people who strictly use the “New posts” function won’t benefit at all.

2. If the group consensus is that it would be of benefit, what should the name be? It needs to include the concepts of “User (non-TSI) Actual Seasteading Projects” but there’s probably a better/catchier way of phrasing it.


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