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The plan in broad overview is two solar panels in the 130W range (Kyocera, probably?) plus a wind jenny. We have three deep-cycle batteries onboard, one for the engine, two for house. Plenty of amp-hours so far but I don’t know their exact ratings.

We have a composting toilet onboard already.

Long term, we’re going to ditch the Westerbeke and install an electric motor (Thoosin) with a 48VDC 4-battery bank and a 12V regulator for house. Basically just adding one battery, but we’ll actually be replacing the three old ones with four top-end ones. I prefer the “one big bank” approach.

You probably found info on the racing Soverel, the 33-2 that was built in the late 70s, early 80s, I think, by Mark Soverel. Ours is the older 1968 cruiser built by his father Bill and she is a brick. 33 feet, but 15,100 pounds dry weight according to the carry-all scale.

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