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Reply To: Business Models and Engineering

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Actually, coming up with business models that work is probably the next area of seastead risk mitigation.

Currently, the business models that work on the ocean are 1) fishing, 2) cargo shipping, 3) oil/gas exploration, 4) tourism (think cruise ships, sail boats, etc.) and 5) military.

We need to come up with new business models like 1) aquaculture, 2) ecco tourism, 3) low regulation medical surgery centers, 4) copyright free libraries, 5) low pollen environment for people with severe allergies, 6) oceanography research stations, 7) low tax off shore work ares for information workers, etc. I do not know what all of the business models are. Many of these business models can be tested by simply purchasing a used cargo boat and outfitting it for the task at hand.

It seems reasonable to me to do both engineering and business model testing in parallel. A used cargo boat can but used for a few years and then resold without much depreciation.

The political stuff will start to come after the we get a number of people living on the seastead full time. That should be a bunch of fun.

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