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Why do your libertarian supporters think they can get freedom without interference?

Most of our libertarian supporters do not expect to create a perfect libertarian paradise where they can do whatever they want without any interference. They are simply looking for a significant improvement over the territorial status quo. To see how large a gain this might be, try to imagine how a libertarian might handpick the best available policies from among existing states to create a new, single set of institutions.

For example, there are countries in Europe (Switzerland, The Netherlands and Portugal) with relatively more social freedom. There are economic havens (Luxembourg, Bahamas) with relatively high economic freedom. None are perfect from a libertarian perspective. The socially free countries tend to be left-leaning states with higher taxes. The tax havens tend to be more right-wing and socially restrictive. Libertarians feel the combination of these two types of freedoms is worth striving for, even if either is restricted to the maximum level currently tolerated by any of the powers that be. Such a government would be far more libertarian than any currently in existence without pushing the legal envelope or creating any radically new policies.

There are certainly some limitations on what seasteads can do. Actions seen as a serious threat to the security of other nations ought not be tolerated aboard seasteads, such as letting terrorists launder money, exporting drugs to countries where they are illegal, or researching or building weapons of mass destruction, particularly with nuclear capabilities.

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Posted on January 20, 2012 at 12:54 am


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