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Blueseed - Terraces 3

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education”

— Mark Twain

Opportunities for Students in the Seasteading Movement

We are recruiting talented and motivated university-level students to explore uncharted territory, tackling seasteading-related projects and research. Ideal applicants should possess at least some background knowledge of the topic, but the main qualifications are the ability to research and write clearly. Like the Thiel Foundation’s 20 Under 20 Fellowship, seasteading research enables enterprising students to distinguish themselves from a growing pool of college-certified job applicants.


We draw our suggested research topics from previous research and current obstacles facing seasteading businesses like Blueseed. Our agenda covers several disciplines, and many topics are generalizable to a number of different business models. This means we offer opportunities to students in a variety of majors.

What We Offer Students

Our staff and research advisors will help structure projects to achieve practical relevance to seasteading, and publish all quality research on our website. Internships are available for highly-qualified applicants, both remote and at our Oakland, CA office.
Mirroring our incremental strategy for enabling cities on the ocean, volunteer projects move from a proposal/abstract to a properly-cited blog post or outline, and finally a substantial deliverable, i.e., research paper, technical brief, how-to-guide, etc.