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Regular meetups are held in the bay area – see the Facebook page and the Meetup.com page. There is also a New York meetup group (see the Facebook page) and more coming soon.


If you’d like to start a new meetup group, please sign up as a seasteading ambassador and contact us.

Jun 6 Wed
Jun 6 – Sunday all-day

The Seasteading Institute will be attending this year’s Ephemerisle.

Ephemerisle is a floating festival on the Sacramento Delta originally started by The Seasteading Institute, and now crowd-sourced and community operated independently of the Institute. Last year 300-400 people passed through the festival over the course of the weekend. Participants are encouraged to “bring their own land,” which means arrive on a houseboat, sailboat, raft, or other structure that provides a floating home for the course of the event. We hope attendees of The Seasteading Conference will spend the following weekend with us celebrating in a temporary floating village. More information about how to participate can be found on Ephemerisle’s Wiki page and Facebook pages.

Aug 30 Thu
Seasteading social in Cupertino at Steven Fowkes house
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Seasteading Enthusiast Steven Fowkes is opening his home for our this San Francisco Bay area meetup. Please visit the meetup page to RSVP.


Steven Fowkes address is 22560 Poppy Drive, Cupertino, CA.


This gathering will be held outdoors, so bring layers in case the temp drops in the evening.


Chef Joni will create a simple gourmet meal, served buffet style. A plate of food costs $15 per person, which should compare to the cost at a restaurant. If you have food issues, send them to Steve (steve@projectwellbeing.com). The entree will be chicken and there will be plenty of veggies.


The house is three minutes from the Highway 85 Interstate 280 interchange. Exit off 280 at Foothill (the first exit north of 85). If you are coming north on 85, take the 280N exit, stay in the rightmost lane and immediately exit onto Foothill. Turn left at the light. If you are coming north on 280, watch the merge! The Foothill exit is very close to 85 and there is only 99.44 feet to make the merge for the Foothill exit.


There is a waterfall-creek feature next to the patio which makes a great place to hang out and talk. The creek will be running by 6:00 PM, if you get there early.