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Regular meetups are held in the bay area – see the Facebook page and the Meetup.com page. There is also a New York meetup group (see the Facebook page) and more coming soon.


If you’d like to start a new meetup group, please sign up as a seasteading ambassador and contact us.

October 2008 – March 2013

The Seasteading 2008 Conference was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Burlingame, CA. Watch the speaker’s presentations or read accounts by the attendees [...]
Seasteading 2009 Conference
Monday – Tuesday all-day
The Seasteading 2009 Conference was held at the Cathedral Hill Hotel in San Francisco. Featured speakers included executive director Patri Friedman, philanthropist and investor Peter [...]
Reason and Seasteading Cruise
Sunday – February 7, 2011 all-day
The Seasteading Institute joined Reason Magazine on a a seven-day Caribbean cruise aboard the Solstice, Celebrity Cruises’ beautiful luxury liner. Featured speakers included executive director [...]
The Future of Free Cities Conference
Sunday – Tuesday all-day
The Future of Free Cities Conference took place on the tropical island of Roatán in Honduras. This event brought together leaders from different fields and [...]
Extreme Futurist Fest
Saturday all-day
Michael Keenan presented seasteading to an eclectic group of futurists, activists and counter-culturalists at the Extreme Futurist Fest in Los Angeles, focusing on why the [...]
Marin County talk
Sunday all-day
Michael Keenan will present seasteading at the Dipsea Cafe in Mill Valley, California, at 4pm. He will be making the case for working to establish [...]
UC Berkeley SFL talk
Tuesday all-day
Michael Keenan will present seasteading to the UC Berkeley SFL group at 7pm in 87 Evans Hall. He will inform students on opportunities to further [...]
Following Peter Thiel’s keynote address on February 17th, Michael Keenan promoted our new volunteer research program for students to the largest gathering of young liberty [...]
BIL Conference 2012
Friday – Sunday all-day
The Seasteading Institute is sponsoring the 2012 BIL conference, a community-sponsored event featuring talks by some of the most interesting figures from a wide [...]
TEDxSF – Patri Friedman
Thursday @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Patri Friedman, founder and chairman of The Seasteading Institute, will talk at TEDxSF – Big Blue.
Seasteading Conference 2012
Wednesday – Saturday all-day
A landmark event featuring the vanguards of the seasteading movement. Network with fellow entrepreneurs, ocean law experts, maritime professionals, industrial leaders, investors, and seasteading enthusiasts [...]
Wednesday – Sunday all-day
The Seasteading Institute will be attending this year’s Ephemerisle. Ephemerisle is a floating festival on the Sacramento Delta originally started by The Seasteading Institute, and [...]
The Seasteading Institute will be tabling all afternoon at the 15th Annual Progressive Festival, on July 22 at Walnut Park, in Petaluma, CA. More information [...]
This event is now filled to capacity! This event is being hosted by our board member, John Chisholm, and will be attended by numerous seasteaders. [...]
Milton Friedman 100th Anniversary Celebration
Wednesday @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Milton Friedman 100th Anniversary Celebration @ Mountain View | California | United States
To honor Milton Friedman’s 100th birthday and his vision, the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, The Millennium Project and Economic Thinking bring together several experts to share [...]
Seasteading Author Joe Quirk will deliver a speech at Burning Man’s Tedx: “How Ocean Cities will Save the Environment, Cure Diseases, Feed the World, and [...]
Seasteading Enthusiast Steven Fowkes is opening his home for our this San Francisco Bay area meetup. Please visit the meetup page to RSVP.   Steven [...]
Ambassador Matt Pritchard of The Seasteading Institute will be featured at the NYU College Libertarian at their third meeting of 2012: We often hear people [...]
On October 29, Miguel Lamas Pardo will be presenting his PhD dissertation, “Establishing Offshore Autonomous Communities: Current Choices and Their Proposed Evolution,” at the University [...]
Patri Friedman on Minnesota Public Radio's "The Daily Circuit" @ Minnesota Public Radio
Listen via Listen to stream on your browser here.  
Join Students For Liberty at the University of California Berkeley in Berkeley, CA on Saturday, November 3 for the 2012 Students For Liberty Northern California [...]
Voice & Exit
Wednesday all-day
Several members of the seasteading community recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to support the Voice & Exit event in Austin, TX, to be held on Saturday, March [...]