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Regular meetups are held in the bay area – see the Facebook page and the Meetup.com page. There is also a New York meetup group (see the Facebook page) and more coming soon.


If you’d like to start a new meetup group, please sign up as a seasteading ambassador and contact us.

Week of October 29

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Miguel Lamas Pardo Presents Seasteading Dissertation at University Francisco Marroquin
Miguel Lamas Pardo Presents Seas…
Oct 29 all-day
On October 29, Miguel Lamas Pardo will be presenting his PhD dissertation, “Establishing Offshore Autonomous Communities: Current Choices and Their Proposed Evolution,” at the University [...]
Students for Liberty – Patri Friedman’s Talk on Seasteading
Students for Liberty – Patri Fri…
Nov 3 all-day
Join Students For Liberty at the University of California Berkeley in Berkeley, CA on Saturday, November 3 for the 2012 Students For Liberty Northern California [...]
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9:00 am Patri Friedman on Minnesota Public Radio’s “The Daily Circuit”
Patri Friedman on Minnesota Publ…
Oct 31 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Patri Friedman on Minnesota Public Radio's "The Daily Circuit" @ Minnesota Public Radio
Listen via Listen to stream on your browser here.