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Click to download a .pdf of the full program plus speaker bios.


Speakers and Special Guests

Conference presentations to include:

Patri Friedman (Chairman of the Board, The Seasteading Institute)
Jonathan Cain (President, The Thiel Foundation)
Mike Gibson (Vice President of Grants, The Thiel Foundation)

Jim O’Neill (Managing Director, Clarium Capital)
George Petrie (Director of Engineering, The Seasteading Institute)

• Guillaume Ardoise (Engineering Board of Advisors, The Seasteading Institute)

• Joe Quirk (Patri Friedman’s co-author on the upcoming book, “Seasteading: How Ocean Societies Will Change The World”)

Charlie Deist (Staff Writer, The Seasteading Institute), Baougang Zhai (Intern, Aquaculture Researcher, Tufts University), and Ryan Larsen (Volunteer Researcher, The Seasteading Institute) on Project OASIS

Ricardo Radulovich (Professor of Water Science, University of Costa Rica)
John Briscoe (Senior Visiting Scholar at the Law of The Sea Institute, University of California Berkeley)
Myron Nordquist (Associate Director, Center for Oceans Law and Policy, University of Virginia)
Patrick Takahashi (Chief Visionary, Blue Revolution Hawaii)

William Riedy (The Maritime Alliance)

• Marc Joffe (Principal Consultant, Public Sector Credit Solutions)

Neil Anthony Sims (Co-CEO, Kampachi Farms, LLC)

Alexander D. Wissner-Gross, Ph.D. (Institute Fellow at Harvard University)

• Nishant Bagadia (Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, Health Travel Technologies, Inc.)

Peter Wei (MS2, Duke University)

Melissa Roth (Engineering Intern, The Seasteading Institute)

• Ben Harmon (Cadet, California Maritime Academy)
Dario Mutabdzija (President, Blueseed)
Max Marty (CEO, Blueseed)

Bob Nicholson (President, OTEC International)

Lissa Morganthaler-Jones (CEO, LiveFuels)

John Chisholm (Serial Entrepreneur)


Lightning Round presenters include:

Mike Doty (Delishus FishesCrowdfundNews.org)

• Gabriel Rothblatt (Terasem)

John Trepl (Marine Hydroelectric Company)

• Henry Mariano (CEO, Harvest Energy)

Michelle & Thrond Toftely (Res Judicata)

• Tim Potter (Ambassador, The Seasteading Institute)