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Dinner at Forbes Island

Those who wish to support the vision and mission of The Seasteading Institute are welcomed to attend an intimate benefit dinner event on the evening of Friday, June 1st. Attendees will meet at Pier 39, where they will be ferried to Forbes Island, a 700 ton floating island complete with palm trees, a waterfall and a lighthouse. Attendees will meet with key seasteading visionaries and speakers from the conference, while enjoying a spectacular menu and bar, along with stunning views of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.


Registration for dinner at Forbes Island is only available as a separate purchase and is not included with General, Student, or Student Plus conference registration levels. Please consider purchasing a ticket to support the ground-breaking work of The Seasteading Institute!






Registration and Accommodations

Speakers and Special Guests • Sunset Cruise

Dinner at Forbes Island • Schedule of Events & Directions

Sponsorship Information Lightning Rounds

Volunteer • Ephemerisle



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