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Call it an experiment in governance, call it a way to live under a new set of rules of your own creation, maybe even a way to start your life over. You may one day be setting up your own  Continue Reading »

Website Migration Update – Tuesday, 24-January

The website is very close to being finalized. We have our fingers crossed that the new verion and the new forums will be live in the next few days. We are waiting on the development contractors to work out some final kinks and then perform the final migration.

We apologize that the forums have been down for the extended period, and we hope the wait for the new forums will be worthwhile for active and new users alike.

~Randy Hencken, Senior Director, The Seasteading Institute
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Website Migration Update – Wednesday, 18-January

Per TSI Senior Directory Randy Hencken, "If all goes well we will have the site up by the beginning of next week."

So be prepared for anything (or nothing) during the transition.


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Patri Friedman’s TEDxSF talk: Our Ocean and the Evolution of Societies

Website Migration Update – Tuesday, 17-January

The web development team reports "We’re targeted to wrap up the existing site fixes tomorrow."

Please continue to check this blog for future updates (which hopefully will be more frequent).


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