• Well, I am sure my biggest issue in a boat in winter, would be the ice creeping up on it. I love the cold :P But, I understand that humans are not meant to be able to leave burns on each other, either… My poor ex…
    From what i have seen of fpt, the issues would be less about the temp, and more about the winds. FTP has been able to withstand…[Read more]

  • There is fun in “sanity”. Mine! I always make fun of the so called “sane” people since they are the most screwed :)

    I see what you are talking about. FPT is a tough one man,…34 nm offshore is “far” for a start up. But otherwise good fishing out there on the Outer Banks in the summer. Winters will be brutal, if not impossible. In 2006 I tried to…[Read more]

  • Ocean, whats the fun of sanity?
    The structures I was talking about were actually on the east coast, rather than out here in cali. I am unaware of structures like the frying pan tower out here.
    With the right floating structure, you would not have to worry about the waves, no matter where you anchor/stop. Though, those tend to be a bit more pricey…

  • interior picture submarine yacht
    Ken Sims, any “educated guess” how this billion dollar industry of oceanic drift cages can be kicked off, how it will be structured, what kind of “upfront investment” a “typical ocean farmer” would face to be part of this industry ? What is the minimum cage volume a “farmer” would need to make a living out of this business. What are the…[Read more]

  • Where did my posts go?

    You’ve been replying in the Activity Stream to the notifications of the forum replies instead of in the forum threads.

  • Zutai, you have to have your brain checked :)

    Just messing w/you. I do understand that when you have a limited budget you have to cut corners and the fact that cheap used boats (or other floating structures that can be used for seasteading) usually come without a working engine.

    My comment was mostly meant as a generalization.

    The problem with…[Read more]

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  • Where did my posts go? The more mobile the better. Communal living is a point of view.
    Violence starts with words. I think some people will never live on a seastead because
    they are incapable to do it. Those people will live communal on land governed by each others.
    What is out there in the desert? Only rattlesnakes. If only rattlesnakes…[Read more]

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    I have technical difficulties with my computer.

  • Ocean, it is often cheaper to buy stationary structures that are being abandoned, rather than to build a new float. Due to this, there will be many kinds of viable sea-steads in use, in time.
    Me and Shredder were talking, and came up with an acronym that were could use as the sea-steading community: CS. C as in sea, but it is better than trying…[Read more]

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    Ocean; I think, mobility is essential for me.
    Some part of the seastead can be stationary.
    Bigger the better. More mobile is the better.
    (by mobility I mean it can be becided where to move, so the seastead will not end up at the north pole)

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    Though I would be willing to give a ride for someone in my boat.
    Sometimes the problem with that is a person who gets a ride start smoking something, and because of that injures him/her-self, then initiates a lawsuit, so I loose my boat. (has not happened yet to me).
    I am careful about who I allow to come aboard on my boat.
    So communal things…[Read more]

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    Communal living:
    Family is a communal living.
    Some people might want a communal seastead, how do I stop that?
    Society is a communal living. What extent is the communal a communal is the question, in my opinion.
    I expressed an opinion, that I am not planning to
    fork over my money for communal property.

  • interior picture submarine yacht
    Only the nutrition of those 5 billion overflow population that can not be placed on the continents will require a “oceanic meat/fish industry” that produces 500 billion kg of meat/fish per year. To wrap your head around the number this is hundred million ship loads full of fish…per YEAR !!! all this industry needs to pop up in the next years…[Read more]

  • Well, in REAL life, there are only 2 options in seasteading when it comes to mobility. Stationary or mobile. I care only about the mobile version and the ones advocating a stationary one (with stuff like “we don’t need a stinking engine, dude”) should go and have their brains checked.

    Also in REAL life, anything able to move on the water is a…[Read more]

  • interior picture submarine yacht
    This is how 99% of the “space volume available to human activity” looks like. In 30 years from now we have 9 billion people – land based resources on the continents can only sustain some 4 billion of them. The “rest” of 5 billion need to cover their nutrition needs, their housing needs, and the production needs for their laptops and consumer…[Read more]

  • In those types of situations, there should be a mostly elected government that can make those choices quickly enough to save everyone. I say mostly, due to the owner of the segments, being the captain/king that has merely paid his way into the politics. Each of those being rated in power, buy the percentage of the city they own. But, there should…[Read more]

  • Well, we cannot force people into something they are not “into”. After all, it will be coalition of the willing :)

    “Governing principles”?? You probably didn’t hear the rants around here,…that governments are passe, obsolete.

    “Rights for the people”?? It will be natural selection dear and the free market will decide,…

    A say in running the…[Read more]

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  • I’m not sure of opting out of the communal gig is allowed. By nature, a seastead is a close community of people. There is a higher shared risk than land-based living. In theory there is a shared reward.

    The question is what governing principles are used for a small community. What rights are given to people? How much say do individuals have…[Read more]

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