The Poseidon Award is our prize for the establishment of the first independent seasteading community – the seed for the world’s first ocean city-state. Our current expectations for the Floating City Project places the completion of the first seasteading community with a few hundred residents before the end of this decade. Although this will be after the original goal to give out the Poseidon Award by 2015, it will be a major milestone for the seasteading movement to represent critical progress and is achievable in a relatively short period of time.

The Poseidon Award will include the Poseidon Monument, a physical tribute to the first seasteading pioneers. It will have inscribed on it the names of The Seasteading Institute Argonauts — major donors who have helped make the seasteading movement a reality.

The Poseidon Award will be awarded to the first seastead which:
– Has at least 50 full-time residents.
– Is financially self-sufficient.
– Offers seastead real estate on the open market.
– Has de-facto political autonomy.