Monthly Archives: March 2011

Job Opening: Staff Writer

The Seasteading Institute is hiring a staff writer. The writer will be a critical member of our team, crafting highly visible publications that are key to our research and movement-building programs. Most of our organization’s current output is in written form, so it’s essential that the writing be of stellar quality for our work to be most effective.

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Join Patri and Brad for an online chat in “The Idea Room,” Tues, March 8, 2 PM ET/11 AM PT

Join Patri Friedman, Brad Taylor, and The Freeman, March 8 at 2 pm eastern for a 45-minute online chat about the market for governance and seasteading. Patri’s and Brad’s article, “Seasteading: Striking at the Root of Bad Government,” appeared in the March issue of The Freeman. The article alleges that the current market for governance is dominated by a group of large geographical monopolies not subject to competition.

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