Anyone Can Build A Boat


Maybe not a boat that goes in the ocean. But a boat for a calm lake? [Totally, says Chicken John]( Like, I think this boat is made out of duct tape:

![Homebuilt duct tape boat](

His post has a few other examples. Great inspiration for Ephemerisle, whose website is now up at []( Continue reading

Secession Week Blogging Begins!


Check out [Monday’s post on Secession Going Mainstream and Basics of Secession](, or the [Intro/Index Post](, over at our sister blog A Thousand Nations. Please help us spread the word about Secession Week! Continue reading

Video: Open Sailing


[Via Justin Pickard]( (who has some entertaining commentary) comes this video from [Open Sailing]( I had some trouble understanding the concept when I saw their website awhile back (perhaps a language issue?), but the video makes it clearer. I like their idea for swarming algorithms based on weather, political systems, and so forth to automatically suggest good clustering locations for all the participating vessels. Continue reading

Open Sailing


Engineering blog has posts!


There seem to be almost no subscribers to the engineering blog, which perhaps is because it has no content! So I have made a couple of posts:

* [Reminder: Ephemerisle Grant Program](
* [Containerized Housing](

If you are interested in the engineering aspects of seasteading, [subscribe here]( Continue reading

Containerized Housing


[On a forum thread](, [Thorizan]( posted several interesting links to cargo container-based housing.

[CNN: Recycled homes, one box at a time](

> Using containers to build homes has increasingly become a trend in the past several years because it can be cheaper and faster than using traditional constr Continue reading

Reminder: Ephemerisle Grant Program


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Latest posts on Let A Thousand Nations Bloom


Just a reminder that all our fascinating political theory and social commentary about diverse visions of a better society has moved to [Let A Thousand Nations Bloom]( Here are some recent posts:

* [Thinking Like a Dandelion]( – _”Let’s focus less on trying to perpetuate one copy of what we believe is the best society and instead work on ways to decrease the costs of producing societies. The results will be better than we can imagine. Continue reading

Campaign for Liberty


Center for a Stateless Society