ResidenSea coming to SF in June


The [2009 Itinerary for ResidenSea]( (the first and only condominium cruise ship in the world) includes a number of California stops:

* San Diego, CA, May 31 – June 2
* Los Angeles, CA, June 3 – 5
* Monterey. CA, June 7 – 9
* San Francisco, CA, June 11 – 13

I don’t know if it’s possible to arrange a tour while the ship is in San Francisco, but we will certainly try!

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  1. Wayne Gramlich 5:18 am

    Do not get your hopes up.  The ResidenSea is extremely hard to get on to.  You have to be invited by one of the co-owners.  You can ask, but don’t expect much.


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