Seasteads governed as joint-stock corporations?


The strange, weird, [red-pill]( world of political theorist [Mencius Moldbug]( is not the world as I see it. It has far more extremes, more evil, more black-and-white judgments, and more overarching historical themes. But I find it fascinating because it overlaps with my world in places where few others seem to. Continue reading

Seasteading Socials poll


We have [a poll up about our bay area socials]( Continue reading

Win $1000: Seastead Design Contest


Today, we’re kicking off a Seastead Design Contest with a $1,000 Grand Prize and lots of other great awards. To win, use 3-D modeling software to build the best-looking and most creative seastead you can. We supply you with a 3-D model of a bare ClubStead platform — what you create on top of that platform is up to you. Continue reading

The Law Market


Legal research volunteer Jorge Schmidt pointed me at [this new book]( which describes a trend which seasteading will accelerate:

> Today, a California resident can incorporate her shipping business in Delaware, register her ships in Panama, hire her employees from Hong Kong, place her earnings in an asset-protection trust formed in the Cayman Islands, and enter into a same-sex marriage in Massachusetts or Canada–all the while enjoying the California sunshine and potentially avoiding many facets of the state’s laws.

> I Continue reading

ClubStead Engineering Hub



I’ve created [a hub for information about our ClubStead hotel/resort design]( It contains all the info posted so far, plus a SketchUp model for you to play with. Continue reading

Animation of ClubStead in 15 foot waves


The next trickle from our engineering wrap-up: a video of the ClubStead design in a hydrodynamic simulation of movement in 15′ waves. [Download the WMV](, or watch it on YouTube:

Continue reading

Engineering report is up!


MI&T has been burning the midnight oil to get [this engineering report](/files/MIandT040_08_R1_Seastead_Exec_Sum.pdf) out. Continue reading

Site and content updates this week


Hey everyone. We’ve got several new features launching this week, just in time for the traffic from the Wired Magazine article – [Live Free or Drown: Floating Utopias on the Cheap]( Continue reading

Wired article is online!



> Several dozen conference-goers are filing into the Mendocino Room of the Embassy Suites Hotel in Burlingame, a San Francisco suburb, arming themselves with coffee and muffins as they shuffle to their seats. It’s the kind of scene that occurs daily—if not hourly—in the Bay Area, where techies and businesspeople forever squeeze into drab meeting rooms to discuss how they are going to change the world. Continue reading

TSI in Wired Magazine


February’s issue of Wired Magazine, which just hit the newsstands, contains an article about TSI starting on page 58. [It is also available online](

It includes a picture of the 200-guest resort platform which MI&T designed for us, and which we patented last week. We weren’t expecting this article for a few more days, and we’ve been working hard on several site changes that we’ll be launching for y’all next week. Continue reading