Monthly Archives: December 2008

TSI Website development volunteers needed!

Our volunteer website development team needs more help!

Developers: We’ve got a lot of great community-building features we’d like to build — forum upgrades, UI improvements, photo feeds, digg-style ratings for blog and forum posts, donation functionality, and lots more. The bottleneck right now is programmer time. Drupal or PHP experience are a huge plus, but enthusiasm and a willingness to learn is all that’s required!

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Welcome Liz Lacy as Director of Development!

I am excited to announce that Liz Lacy is joining The Seasteading Institute as Director of Development.  Liz has worked at several non-profits in roles such as preparing Annual Reports, writing grant requests, and coordinating volunteers.  She brings some much-needed non-profit experience and adds valuable diversity to our set of political viewpoints.

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Seasteading and Optimism

From Max More’s excellent essay on dynamic optimism:

You may be against many things: crime, war, being overweight, the budget deficit, intolerance, aging. Optimists restate anything they oppose in positive terms. Rather than being against government, be for liberty and responsibility. Rather than being against your company or office manager, be for making improvements. Instead of saying no to drugs, say yes to healthy pleasures.

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November 2008 Snippets

Welcome to The Seasteading Institute’s November Update!  We’ve been busy, and so there is lots of material.  We are making lots of progress and, as always, needs lots of help.

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