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Conference Update

Some more information on the conference:

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Scott Adams on Seasteading

Scott Adams writes:

 I’ve written about this before, but it’s interesting to see the technology coming together to make it feasible. The idea is that people will start living on barge-like boats and slowly motor or sail around the ocean to stay in the best weather.

He favors an incremental approach:

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Bay Area seasteading socials

We’re going to start having seasteading socials around the bay area, about once a month, to talk / network / brainstorm / etc w/ like-minded people. I’ve created a meetup group, the first one will be in SF on Wed 8/27. These will be much smaller & less organized than the conference in October.  Go to the meetup for more info.

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Creative Capitalism on Profit-Maximizing Governments, Mobility and Taxes

 Arnold Kling writes about profit-maximizing governments on Creative Capitalism:


Assume that the leader of a territory, whether the United States or Zimbabwe, is elected by shareholders, each of whom may or may not be a resident of the territory.  In each territory, the leader would control fiscal policy, monetary policy, and regulations.  She could set tax rates at whatever level she liked.  Some of the tax revenues would be used to fund internal investments.  However, the remainder would be disbursed as dividends to shareholders. 

Shareholders would be looking to maximize their returns.  If the leader engages in arbitrary confiscation, she may be able to pay a nice short-term dividend.  However, such a policy will lower the society’s wealth and reduce future dividends.  Shareholders would prefer a more farsighted policy.  A leader who protects property rights and invests in public goods probably will generate a higher share price.

A poorly-run country, such as Zimbabwe, probably would be taken over by investors seeking to profit from a turnaround.  These investors would buy up shares and install new management.

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Conference Wiki Signup

I made a wiki signup page for the conference (October 10th in Burlingame, CA, USA).  So far it’s just me on there, so please add yourselves :).  Also, we could use a couple more people to help organize and run the conference, if you are interested please email

This is not a "sit around and listen to a few presenters" sort of conference. Instead, we’re going to have a bunch of small workshops where groups brainstorm about solutions to some of the challenges we face, research those solutions, and come up w/ recommendations.  Examples include: Geographic location, Business plan for seastead resort, Transportation to/from seastead, Marketing/PR (making our ideas sticky), etc.  You can suggest more workshop topics on the wiki.

The cost for the conference will be $195, including food (but not a hotel room).  This is our cost for the space, food, and equipment (projectors, internet access).

We’ll be posting a discount code for rooms at Embassy Suites, as well as information about cheaper hotels within walking distance.

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